• Suicide Prevention
  • Family Unity
  • PTSD
  • Homelessness Advocacy
  • Substance Abuse 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Employment Assistance 
  • 12 Step Groups
  • Counseling
  • House cleaning for wounded and senior veterans in need
  • Services for victims of crime
  •  Court referrals 

I’m a mother and a grandmother.  In September 2011, I retired from the Metropolitan
Transportation Authority (MTA) after nearly 25 years of service.  My inspiration in life is to
make a difference in people lives, especially for children as they are our future.
One of my main motivations in developing Support Kids in Progress, Inc. (S.K.I.P.), was after my
friend, a Vietnam Veteran told me, more men & women from the Iraq and Afghanistan War
have committed suicide than those killed in combat. Plus many are returning home with Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder, known as PTSD. I saw the pain in his eyes as he told me this,
probably because it brought back some horrible memories.

While I'm not a veteran, I am a PTSD survivor and I know the pain well, the terrible memories,
the loneliness, and more comes with having witnessed and surviving a violent human tragedy
that resulted in so much heartbreak, helplessness, and confusion. I know too well the effects it
has on loved ones especially the children who can't/don’t understand the physical and mental
pain after such an awful tragedy.  

The night of November 9, 2003, my life was changed forever.  I was driving in a rural area, it
was pitch black that night.  There were no street lights not even any stars out. I was stunned to
see a young man wearing dark clothing curled in a fetal position lying in the road approximately
30 feet in front of me.  I was not able to stop in time.  I ran him over and he died instantly.  
Although I had no control of the tragedy, it affected my life, my family’s life and the 22 year old
man's family forever.  His will never see, speak, or ever hold their loved one again.

From this tragedy, I developed PTSD. The trauma affected my entire family especially my
children and my grandson. At that time, my daughter was 13, my sons 18 and 23, and my
grandson was 6-years old. It was extremely hard to look at my sons, as they reminded me of the
young man. My grandson, whom is very close to me, went into depression because he felt his
Oma (grandmother) didn't love him anymore.  Since I didn't want to be around him nor speak
to him.

I was mentally abusive towards my children for the slightest noise. When I realized what I was
doing to my children, I apologized to them.  However, it was too late. The damage was done. I
hurt my children. What no one realized, I was suicidal.  Seeing my sons constantly reminded me
of the accident, this made it worse.  It was not my family's fault.  They had no idea how to help
me, how could they? My family didn’t know what was wrong with me.  No one gave them any
instructions how to help me, or on, what not to say, or do.

Unless families knew their loved one was suicidal, there wasn't a center or a 24-hour help line for
families to receive help with their loved one.  Knowing children who have parent(s) who have
committed suicide have a higher chance of dying the same as their parents did.  

God blessed me with a Detective, Fire Captian, and my Boss at a time of need.  I now have a great
relationship with my family. For many years, I asked God, “Why?”  He answered, I had to live
with the turmoil that lingered in the soul of a person, and how it impacted families, in order to
develop S.K.I.P..  Fighting to free the children and their parent(s)/grandparent(s) from the
emotional pain, so that they may enjoy this beautiful life God gave them.

S.K.I.P. is dedicated to the United States Armed Forces and their families.

Turning Tragedy into the Beautiful Life God Gives Us


Support Kids In Progress  


For our U.S. Military and Veterans' children to have a strong support for their parent(s) transiting back into society, giving children a healthy foundation for their future and generations to come.

founder:  Alice Varela

S.K.I.P. is honored to stand and support men and women of the United States Military and their families during and after their tour of duty.

Eliminate suicides, keeping families united and safe.